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National Orchestra


About the Tuvan National Orchestra


The Tuvan National Orchestra was founded in 2003. Over its history, this group has become a brand-name in Tuva, a symbol of its culture. They have won prizes in many regional, national, and international compeitions.


The soloists of the orchestra are virtuoso performers of all styles of Tuvan Throat Singing and also play majestically on Tuvan traditional instruments such as the igil, byzaanchy, doshpuluur, shoor, xomus, and others. 


The Orchestra rehearses at the Tuvan Cultural Center, which was founded to preserve and develop the traditions of Tuvan folklore, music, arts, and crafts. 


TNO Videos:

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Kozheeler: Living Stones

Aa-Shuu-Dekei-oo and Tuvan National Anthem

"Jingle bells"

Xomuzum - My Xomus

Orchestra Members

Angyrak Xovalyg

TNO Managing Director

Oksana Tulush

TNO Artistic Director 
Distingished Culture Worker of Tuva

Аяна Монгуш

Head Conductor
Distinguished Artistic Figure of Tuva

Andrei Mongush

People's Throat Singer of Tuva
Distinguished Artist of Tuva

Igor Koshkendey

People's Throat Singer of Tuva

Evgeniy Saryglar

People's Throat Singer of Tuva

Sholban Ondar

Distinguished Culture Worker of Tuva

Ayan-ool Sam

People's Throat Singer of Tuva

Bady-Dorzhu Ondar

People's Throat Singer of Tuva

Ayan Shirizhik

Distinguished Artist of Tuva

Kang-Xuler Saaya

Distinguished Artist of Tuva

Nadezhda Kuular

Distinguished Artist of Tuva 

Ailang Ondar

Distinguished Artist of Tuva

Ai-Xaan Oorzhak

Bailak Mongush

Choigana Sagaachy

Aidyng Byrtaan-ool

Eremaa Kuular

Sailyk Sedip

Ailang Oorzhak

Ambarmaa Sagaan

Mengi Mongush

Ochutai Otsur

Bilzek Oorzhak

Kezhik Uspun

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